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Structured cabling systems are a great way to mitigate the costs of obsolescence. As new technologies emerge, a simple point-to-point cabling system won’t work. As you add more and more to your office’s technological toolkit, you need a cabling system that supports it.


You can easily move, add or change the hardware at your business with a structured cabling system. Everything runs to the Main Distribution Center or MDA, so all of your cables are consolidated in one place. This flexibility is key if you ever want to upgrade your systems in the future.


Installing structured cabling will improve the speed, performance and reliability of your business’s network. A structured cabling system can support your business’s data, video and media needs, so you can get the most out of your network if you need to expand.
Introduction: What Is Structured Cabling?

Technology is constantly evolving and changing, sometimes faster than you could ever guess. These new tools can make businesses more productive, secure and agile. However, these tools need the right network to support them.

Structured cabling is an infrastructure that’s made up of smaller, standardized elements. You can install structured cabling systems in a building or across a campus. It’s this kind of network cabling that can support all of the rapidly-advancing technology coming to the workplace.

Structured cabling systems are a kind of network cabling solution that organizes your infrastructure. The beauty of structured cabling is that it helps to future-proof your business by accommodating any new hardware you add while supporting the increasing amount of data businesses use every day. It makes things much easier to manage as your business grows!

Structured Cabling



“Structured cabling” may lead you to believe that the system is only made of cables in your data center, but that’s not quite the case. A structured cabling system actually runs throughout a building or across a campus, with different points and dedicated areas.Besides cables, structured cabling solutions can include racks, network cabinets, hardware ports and more. All of these smaller pieces work together as part of the overall system.

The standardized elements that make up structured cabling are called “subsystems.” These subsystems are typically located across a building, so it’s important to know where they’ll be in your business location.

There are six different kinds of subsystems that go into structured cabling.

Types of Cables

You may be wondering what kinds of cables go into a structured cabling system. Each of these cables have different purposes, but they all still work as part of the structured cabling system.

Standards govern how the actual cables in your system are laid out, but one of the advantages to this is that it makes them much easier to identify. Cables should also be labeled for easy identification.

The kinds of cables your structured system will use depends on your needs. They can be made out of copper or fiber, with different specifications. Here are some of the major types of cables used in a structured cabling system.

Commonly Used Cables:

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Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic cables are a lot like electric cables, except they’re made out of optical fibers to carry signals and images. These optical fibers are made out of silica or plastic and coated with more layers of plastic inside the cable itself.

Different kinds of fiber optic cables may be used for long-distance telecommunication or high-speed connections between buildings on campus.

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cables are a type of transmission line, carrying high-frequency electrical signals with low loss.

Coaxial cables are commonly used for:

Twisted Pair Cable

Twisted pair cables are commonly used to connect residential homes and businesses with a telephone company. These kinds of cables date back to the era of radio and telegrams and were actually invented by Alexander Graham Bell!

There are two kinds of twisted pair cables:

UTP cables are used most commonly for telephones and computer networks.

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